Effective leadership, mediation, business development, and conflict management are essential skills for every current leader and aspiring leader. When harnessed productively, these can be a force to build individuals, companies, and win a competitive edge. Our online courses are taught by Professional Instructors with both academia and on-the-job training experience.

Learn to master your skills in these areas as you apply them within your workplace, personal life, and successfully navigate challenging conversations with friends, families, loved ones, direct reports, peers, or leaders, where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical. You can learn how to master the skills needed to understand different personality styles and implement a proven leadership approach to unsticking those ‘sticky energies’, moving past your resistors to change, getting resolutions that strengthen relationships and results. Get it done, 100% online or Face-2-Face, with a flexible, interactive set of programs that fit your busy life.

Who Will Benefit

  • Leadership

    Aspiring Leaders or those seeking to enhance their leadership skills and ability

    Whether you’re a receptionist or a first-time leader with the start of an idea or are exploring leadership, learn the language of the business world.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

    Gain an overarching framework to evaluate opportunities, manage startups, learn the basics of planning and launching a business. This course provides the core skills needed to succeed in new ventures.

  • Mediation

    Students - Programs for Individuals

    See what it takes to leave the drudgery of 9 to 5 as you explore a successful path to financial freedom as a businessperson, by learning new skills for fast-tracking your career.

  • Business Development

    Any professional, regardless of role or level within an organization, who wants to learn and train others in Conflict Management and Mediation

    This course is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of conflict, drawing from diverse disciplines including communication and business.

Our studies consist of approximately 4 hours (1-Day Course), 25 to 30 hours (5-Days Courses), and 40 to 48 hours (6-Weeks Courses) of material delivered over specific period. You can complete the coursework on your own time while meeting regular deadlines. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be proficient in English.


Our students are provided with access to a network of support, helpful online tools geared towards a holistic approach of building their self-assurance, confidence, career advancement, and career resources that can help them match their education to their career goals.

Students may attend workshops or simply take a professional development webinar courses online, from the convenience of a desktop, laptop, iPad or tablets whenever it fits into their schedule. Enrolling into a noncredit course is suited for anyone wishing to enhance their personal or professional growth or to explore a new area of interest.

Our certification programs feature:

  1. Instructor-led courses in both academia and industry.
  2. Flexible dates for more convenient online course scheduling.
  3. Flexible dates for more convenient F2F Workshop scheduling.
  4. Coursework completion from the convenience of your home.
  5. Innovative online resources to strengthen your skillsets.
  6. Expert Instructors with real-world experience in leadership.


Everyone seeking an educational program designed to help them take the next step in their education and/or career. Start by registering online or calling 954-870-5912 today.

About Us

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Experience your classes. Choose from over 12 online industry-relevant certification programs and concentrations that include: Teaching you leadership from the ground up, Conflict Resolution to remove obstacles, How to become a Mediator with Negotiation Skills, and How to Develop Work Ethics & Entrepreneurial Skills.

Reviews From Students


“ This is an excellent program for people of all ages. This program guides you through the steps of finding out who you really are. Also, you learn skills that are going to change your life around for the better. The instructors really elaborate on the skills, so you get it in your mind, and it stays. They teach you these skills also while having a good time. I learned so much from this program. It has helped me with my relationships with my family and friends. I also learned how to control my anger and how to think before I act because I am my own authority. P.S. you all are wonderful people to be around. ”
“ Dr. White, On behalf of the Directors and Staff of the Junior World family, we wish to say “thank you” for the inspiring presentation on “Conflict Resolution”, made to us via telephone at our Staff Seminar. Thank you ”
“I, Helen Miller, have learned a lot of things from the class...how to live and get along with people and my family, how to put God in control of my life and how to get along with people. I met many friends at the class. The factors that impact people's ability to understand emotion, how emotions change, feeling and conflict with other people...how to communicate and feeling of disappointments. Most of all, I matter to God. ”
“I have learned and enjoyed the program very much. I learned how to make appropriate complaints and how to handle complaints. That it is important to apologize as soon as possible. I have sometimes had problems doing that, but this program has helped me to see the reasons for doing that. This program has helped me to take a look at myself and given me instruments to use to help me become a better person. Also to understand others better. I think one of the most important things this program has taught me is about "active listening". Everything starts with really listening and hearing what is being said. A lot of anger, confusion, conflicts and problems could be avoided if we really listen to each other. I would like to thank all of the facilitators for a wonderful job. Your presentations were always interesting and full of helpful techniques. I would recommend the program to anyone that really wants to help learning to deal with a variety of situations in life. Love You ”
“Dr. White: I want to personally thank you for your fantastic message today. So glad you were able to speak for us today at such short notice. We hope to have you again and hopefully our employees can be a part of the event. Your presentation was informative, delightful and commemorative! ”
“Alan Holt was my quarterback at the University of Minnesota in the 80's and he's anexceptional leader and person. If you're looking for a great speaker to influence yourcompany or team, he is the man for the job! He inspires, motivatesandbuilds confidence in everyone he leads and his presentations create lasting memories. ”
“Alan is the best at what he does... I love hearing him speak! If you'rein need ofsomeone with a winningphilosophy, that can teach any and every age group. Alan Holt can getit done! ”
“Alan Holt is simply the best. His programs build confidence in the lives of his participants and his commitment to excellence is contagious. He has positively affected the culture and climate in our workplace and we’ve seen an increase in sales, service and performance as a direct result of Alan’s coaching and consulting. ”
“I have seen Alan Holt speak publicly on three occasions and each time he was the best speaker on the program. His Programs are filled with strategies, content and solutions. He is a great resource for educators, someone I highly recommend. ”

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