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Our Story

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Our executive team brings decades of expertise to all facets of leadership, mediation, conflict management, and business development. They work closely together and are committed to offering a great product, providing relentless service, as they bring over 80 years of combined leadership experiences to the classroom. The team provides education for out of state international students through our on-line learning programs.

At GSFL we believe in giving back to our communities and work hard through our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Family In Distress, Inc., to provide education for the homeless on “Accountability and Responsibility”, as well as to those reentering their communities from incarceration through “Thinking for Change (T4C) program. GSFL has expanded over the years and works with CID/UNESCO in providing a continuous focus on “Healing Through Dance” a superior student experience.


Fun Facts about GSFL’s Leaders

  • They have a shared love for travelling to exotic places.
  • Mr. Holt wrote and recorded a gospel album in 2002.
  • He is a Keynote Speaker who has travelled around the world working with corporations and providing extensive training to executive leaders.
  • Dr. White is an Educator, Supreme Court Family Mediator, Journalist, and Author of a book “There Will Always Be Another Day”.
  • She completed both of her doctoral studies (Organizational Leadership and Conflict Resolution) in under 5 years.
  • She trains and develops executive leaders in the area of compliance.

Our team of leaders are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing students with the information that they need. Our instructors are hand-picked based upon their industry experience and presentation skills to ensure that our students are given the knowledge needed to be successful in their lives and careers.
Our leaders are forward thinkers who understand “Inquiry, Insight and Impact” as a distinctive way of learning, analyzing, and interacting.


Join our community of students around the world helping you succeed.