Conflict Resolution Resources

  1. Conflict Resolution Skills

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-This link addresses the inevitability of conflict within personal and professional relationship together with expected healthy and unhealthy responses to these conflict. It further highlighted triggers of such conflicts and shared tips of managing and resolving them.


  1. The causes of conflict and conflict resolution strategies

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-This link talks about causes of conflicts and most importantly brought to light four reasons people need to understand about conflict so as to be able to easily strategize conflict resolution.


  1. Best Practices for Effective Conflict Management

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-This link discusses some of the practices used to effectively manage conflict as an individual, as a college or co-worker or as a superior dealing with colleagues or co-worker conflict. These practices can apply as common sense;however they seem difficult to put into action when managing conflict.


  1. How to have a fair argument?

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-This link gave reasonable pointers on things to do to realize a fair argument when resolving a conflict with the other person.

  1. Managing Conflict in Meetings

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-This link takes a practical approach in discussing how conflict can be addressed instantlyin meetings. It also discussed ways of reducing opportunities for conflict by spotting potential conflicts as early as possible.

  1. What is your major conflict?

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-This link explains some of the major causes of conflict that would affect someone on a personal level for example toxic work environment, at-risk for serious health issues, etc.


  1. Conflict resolution

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Case study:

-This link teaches about cooperative learning series that discuss conflict resolution practices and includes a real-world case study where the discussed conflict resolution skills are put to test.