Mediation Resources

  1. Mediation: Should I Use It?

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-This link takes a nosedive into what mediation is, its applicability, involved parties, when to use it and how much it costs. It gives a legal background (without legal judgment) and examples of concerns and scenarios that surround it.


  1. 3 Things that Mediation is NOT

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-This link informs people on what mediation and meditators can do for you while highlighting the common misconception perceived about this out-of-court solution.


  1. Mediation Cases: What Cases are Eligible for Mediation?

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-This link addressed the kinds of cases that can be mediated using a neutral third party. It also explains what occurs during the mediation process and advantages of mediation.


  1. Peer mediation

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-This link talks about the program and processes involved in peer mediation between students of the same age-group when resolving disputes in school.


  1. What Trump’s mediation on Kashmir means

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-This link has an insightful yet real-life example where mediation is used to resolve conflict between two countries with the help of a neutral third party. The article also gives a brief history of third-party mediation.


  1. Resolving neighbour disputes

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-This link covers ways of resolving a conflict with your neighbor while singling out mediation as a more convenient and beneficial way to solve issues.


  1. Family mediation and dispute resolution

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-This link talks about common family disputes and the use of mediation as a better alternative in solving issues than family law courts –especially in separated families where children are involved. It is also backed with an example of a case study.


  1. How Does the Process of Mediation Work?

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-This link talks about how mediation works vis-a-vis legal actions as it explains how small businesses may benefit from it.


  1. A Guide To The Mediation Process

Eileen Schott

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-This link has comprehensive report about mediation services that highlighted the principles of mediation while giving a step by step guide on the mediation process.


  1. Mediation guide – the basics

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-This link gave an in-depth but short guide on what mediation entails, how it is practice and why it should be used.